A secure environment for your dog to run, jump and play.
If you have any further questions,
please send us an email:
Will there be other people in the field?

Both fields are booked for exclusive private hire so you will be the only one using the field unless you have invited friends or family to join you.

Do you have lights?

Babblers Walk-In Field has lights and is open 05.00-21.30.

The Spinney Drive-In Field does not have lights so can only be used from dawn to dusk.

What is your dog waste policy and what happens to it?

It is the client's responsibility to pick up their dog(s) waste, we provide bags and bins. We have the right to remove access to our fields from client’s who do not pick up and dispose of their dog(s) waste. We empty the bins three times a week and the waste is collected by a commercial pet waste and disposal company.

Do you provide water?

Yes, we provide fresh running water and a bowl in both of our fields.

How far in advance can I book?

You can book 1 year in advance.

How do I make a booking?

Please click on the button below to make a booking.

Once you have arrived at our bookings page, simply select your session, choose a date a time, fill in your details and pay online.

You will then receive a confirmation email with the keycode to allow you to gain access.

If you would like to book more than one session, click Add A Time option and then select your second session, this can be repeated as many times as necessary.

To book regular slots, make your selection and then click the Recurring option to then select the frequency of your bookings.

Please call 07876 307160 if you would prefer to make a booking over the phone or if you any further questions or queries.

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How long do the sessions last and how much do they cost?

BabblersWalk-In Field (maximum 8 cars)

1-4 dogs £5 for 25 minutes / £9 for 50 minutes

5-6 dogs £8 for 25 minutes

5-8 dogs £15 for 50 minutes

9-12 dogs £20 for 50 minutes

The Spinney Drive-In Field (maximum 4 cars)

1-4 dogs £9 for 45 minutes

5-8 dogs £15 for 45 minutes

How do I pay?

We accept full payment at the time of booking via Paypal or credit card.

Can I book with friends?

Yes, you can book a timeslot with friends or family.

Please book for the correct number of dogs.

It is the responsibility of the person booking to ensure that all dogs are up to date with their vaccinations and worm treatment. It is the responsibility of the booker to ensure that all members of their party are aware of the terms and conditions.

Where can I find directions?

Please click on this link to view our map and directions.

Babblers Directions
Do you have a car park?

Yes. Babblers Walk-In Field has a hard standing car park for up to 8 cars a short walk from the field.

The Spinney Drive-In Field has a hard standing car park for up to 4 cars located within the field.

Can I cancel or rearrange my booking?

Yes, please contact us on 07876 307160 or enquiries@marthampawground.co.uk to cancel or rearrange your booking. A full refund will only be provided if the cancellation or rearrangement is made 48 hours before the date and time of the booked slot.

I run a dog walking business and would like to exercise my customers dogs in the paw ground, is that allowed?

Yes, please contact us on 07876 307160 or enquiries@marthampawground.co.uk for a price and to discuss your requirements. You will need to show proof of your insurance. We also welcome enquiries from dog training and agility clubs.

Does the keycode get changed regularly?

Yes, the keycode is regularly changed, it is the clients responsibility to check that they are aware of the keycode prior to arrival. You will be advised of the keycode via your confirmation email.

Please check your reminder email which you will receive 24 hours before your booking as this will contain the latest key code which may have changed since you booked.

What are your terms and conditions?

Please click on this link to view our terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions